Friday, August 2, 2013

Becoming a Squatter

So my new challenge on top of trying to eat healthy, running, zumba, and being overall a happier less grumpy mom, is squats.

I wanted to get my activity level to go up but I feel like I am sort of wearing myself thin on trying to do too much. I sort of feel like I am not doing enough but I also feel like there is just too much going on for me emotionally and physically. Do you ever feel conflicted like that? Anyways :D

Back to increasing my activity I thought I could do another 30 day challenge. I wanted it to be easier than going out and running. One I could do with my kids around and so I stumbled upon "30 Day Squat Challenge". I know I can do this. Its sorta difficult. Currently I am on day 5 (70 squats) and so far so good. By day 30 I will be doing 250. YES, I SAID TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY. That is so many to me. I will be able to do it though. Brandon is doing them with me and so are 2 of my friends. I have been doing them while I watch T.V., between cleaning, or my many home dance parties with the girls.

Want to join me in my quest to become a squatter? I squatter with a real home though. I don't want to be a "real" squatter. I have a home and its cleanish and I think I like living that way. But lets become a round, firm, booty thigh squatter. Sound good?

Here's the squat challenge chart (found here):

If you do it take some before and after pictures if your confident. Or at least some measurements and share. I would love to hear about how it works for you, weather you're trying to lose inches or gain some.