Thursday, September 3, 2015

Housey house posty post

Guess what I did?

Of course since I was not blogging I must have been doing something amazing.... Like backpacking through Asia and living in a yurt up in Canada while studying caribou. But truth is I have been living my life. Trying to get my crazy outta whack hormones back in check and trying to be a better mom and wifey. But here are some things I have been doing as far as my "new" house is concerned:

I went crazy and got an orange 1970's couch and love seat. FOR FREE!!! Can you believe someone would just give those away? Yeah, me neither, ha ha. And I am in love. Yes, I said love. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. It's true. I called around to see how much they would cost to get reupholstered but apparently you have to donate some of your organs and I am feeling pretty attached to mine lately. Maybe one day. But I’ve decided to make them work. Right now my basement sectional is getting pretty gross looking and more and more broken. Since I am on a budget of cheapo burrito then my choices were dumpster diving or free awesome couches. 

They are the same color... crazy how lighting changes things
I’ve even found a color scheme that I think will work great with them. Though orange is not my thang, I think I can make a vibrant and cozy room with them.

I really like the deep rich jewel-toned blues with the charcoal greys.

I am currently tackling my first house project on my own. (By “on my own” I mean Brandon is helping- but it was my idea). I really wanted to update the railings in my house. That honey oak is so dated and I am not a fan. I found this tutorial and followed it pretty much to the T. So far its looking good and I cannot wait to get it finished. Once my walls are painted those railings will be quite a sweet little focal point. If you have questions about how I did it just let me know.
 in progress shot
one side finished

I have also been working on my garage sale skills. I have become a haggling master and have acquired quite the hoard of free crap. Hopefully I make them into something nice or I will truly be a junk hoarder. Gosh this beast is strong. Here are some of my finds:

I might be going through a "mirror phase"

 What do you think? Is orange too hard to decorate with? Is this color scheme too much, or totally awesome? Don’t my stair railings look great? What projects have you tackled recently? Found any hidden yard sale gems lately?