Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lets be naughty....The Meal of DOOM

I am sure MANY of you (when I say many I mean like 2) have been wondering what the first naughty thing I ate when my whole30 challenge was done. Well, let me tell you I didnt eat anything bad for breakfast. I ate whole30 compliant because I didnt want to run to the bathroom during zumba in case things didnt agree with my stomach. Then lunch came around and I was in Idaho Falls and didnt pack anything. I got pretty hungry but honestly NOTHING sounded good at all. I was hoping something would but nothing came. So I decided to stop at one of my favorite chicken places (not a chicken lover, its that good :D ) Chick-Fil-A. I ordered their basic sandwich:
 bun, chicken, pickle. Then I topped it off with some ketchup.

I took the sandwich out and just stared at it. Did I want it to be good? did I want it to make me sick right then and there? So hard to decide. On one hand if it made me sick then I would be repulsed by bad food and eat good but be sad that i couldnt eat scrumptious stuff. But if I ate it and it was amazing then I would enjoy it (then maybe go back to my old ways). I took a bite. HEAVENLY chicken filled my mouth. The sweet and sour kick of ketchup was amazing. It was good- bad food was still yummy.
Nothing had changed. 5 minutes later- no more sandwich- stomach ache. I felt so queasy. I barely made it home from Idaho Falls. I could barely stay awake. I went home and took a 2 hour nap. The ketchup also made the roof of my mouth swell slightly. So weird. Conclusion: Although greasy naughty food taste sublime it will make your tummy hurt and your body lethargic.

Speaking of naughty food here's what I have noticed. This is gonna get personal and give a lot of info that you may not be wanting to know. If that's the case then leave this blog. Here we go. Dairy has lost a lot of the yumminess it used to have which just flat out flabbergast (best word EVER) me. Speaking of 'gast' lets talk about gas. Yep that plus tummy aches-'nuff said. I have also seen that the more wheat/grain I eat my severe seasonal allergies come back and I get constipated. Right now I am paying for my food sins. I need to get back on track. It wont be that hard this time around. I am also thinking of doing another whole30 after my 5k on the 6th. Then I will probably be able to train faster and longer for my Dirty Dash which is coming up on August 10th.

I have also started a new challenge for myself. I will write a post about it in a few days. I am currently on my 8th day of it. Interested? Just wait.

p.s. I took these pics on my phone and I have a ghetto phone.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

from cute to awkward to me

Me through pictures.

From Baby

To toddler

From toddler 
to kiddo

From kiddo
to super horribly awkward

From super horribly awkward
to a little less awkward

 (this one is just to show that I was actually skinny at some point- because I thought this was my fat pose)
From a little less awkward
to now (more awkward less awkward? who really knows?! Probably just weirder)

It's funny to see yourself in a picture progression. So many memories come flooding back and you think about what has shaped you as a person. I know some of you will get a kick out of these pics but for the rest of you, think about what  you've gone through- what has made you? Share it. Yes- even those horrible weird awkward pictures from middle school (YUCK). If it wasn't for middle school I would have been super shy still. This was just a good reminder.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I wish...

Disclaimer: Just because I have an "I Wish" list doesn't mean I am not grateful for what I have. I am fully aware of how lucky and blessed I am.


1. I was a good dancer. Yeah I might be able to shake my large booty but that's not what I mean.
2. Along with the general term "dancing" I wish I knew how to hula dance. I think its so beautiful.
3.  I knew how to surf. Looks like so much fun.
4. I could write music. I mean more than lyrics but the actual music.
5. I could do a back handspring. I've had this wish since 5th grade. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to do this at the age of 25?
6. I knew how to use Brandon's tools. I am sure I could figure it out and that he could teach me- but I love my fingers and don't want to lose them.
7. I had buff arms.
8. I had feet of the same size. One foot is significantly larger than the other. This makes shoe shopping annoying.
9. I could decorate cakes. Like cake boss or even cooler.
10. I could put eyeliner on. 

I got to thinking about hula dancing from Zumba class this week. We have been doing these "island" cool down dances. I suck so bad at them. I wish I could sway my hips and move my arms in a more graceful fluid like motion. What do you wish you could do?

Monday, June 10, 2013

summer beauties

I am by no means a beauty expert. I know very little about products and only buy drug store stuff. I also am no pro at application either. However, I do have some summer beauty favorites and thought I could share them with you. Maybe they will help you step out of your "beauty blahs".

First off- I hate HATE wearing any kind of foundation in the summer. It makes me feel so gross. I have quite dry skin, even in the summer, so if I don't moisturize it enough  then I get duper dry patches with way oily patches. I always wear a nice moisturizer as my base. So far my favorite is Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. I really like that this is gentle. Most facial lotion causes my skin to burn. 

I like to add bronzer to my face. I only apply it to the areas that I would normally get tan; my forehead, cheeks, nose. Then I buff it out so I dont have streaks. I really like NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in the color sunny. Its the perfect sun kissed tan color. Its not a contouring color- unless you are super duper fair. I just like to add it to give my skin a nice warmth. I try to avoid getting an actual tan on my face- wrinkles ya know?!

I like to add a little bit of a high lighter to my cheek bones and to the center of my eyelids for a nice glowy pop. I have this super old "shimmering blush" by jane. which I am sure isn't even a brand sold anymore. Its frosty but i use a light hand when I apply it.

I found this super pretty lipstick just about a month ago. Its a Maybelline color whisper in the color Coral Ambition. I really love this color. It looks good with my skin and makes me look tanner. I don't love the formula though. I find it quite drying and it sort of bleeds a little outside my lip. I will probably try to get it in a different brand. I just love the color though.

My favorite mascara is L'oreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black. I love the color. Its a sort of dry formula which I prefer. Whenever I use a wetter mascara my eyelashes clump together. I also love that its a standard bristle brush. I don't like those rubber ones. However, mascara is a personal thing. I have dark curly lashes and all I really want is some added length.

The final little touch is nails. I love any kind of corally polish. It makes you look tanner. I love that about my snappy sorbet polish by Sally Hansen. I also have the Sallty Hansen Vitamin E and Cuticle Oil. It really good if you make sure to apply it every day or so. I tend to forget. Thats something I need to work on.

So here are some of my summer beauty faves. I dont really get to buy much makeup and of course I only buy cheap stuff. What are your favorites for the summer? I would really like to know. Maybe I will try some of them.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To All The Haterz... Whole30 Smackdown (in its face)

That's right today is day 30 out of 30. I made it (so far). Isn't it KRAZAY! You better believe it (I can't). I went 30 days (that's right T-H-I-R-T-Y) without; grains (of any kind- no rice), dairy, soy, alcohol (so hard ha), sugars/sweeteners, peanuts, carrageenan, legumes, MSG, and white potatoes.

So what did I eat? basically nothing. This is a diet for anorexics- WHAT? okay, seriously, that's what I was thinking when I first found out about whole30. However, there are things you can eat in this world that don't involve grains or dairy. So hard to believe but I did it for 30 whole days. I basically ate a ton of meat, veggies, and some fruits, with the occasional obsession with almond butter (its dreamy).

What was hard about this? At first, everything was hard. So hard for me to live a life without pasta and cheese- to go on without having ice cream. Then those 8 or so days ended and I lost most, if not all, of my cravings. I didnt really go out. Once we got fast food and I had to order a salad with no dressing. Talk about blah. So the next time and every time after that I was prepared. The key to this is to make sure that if you are out and about during a hungry/meal time, to pack yourself something. I even bought a cute little lunch bag. (from Target)

What was easy about this? Well, after the dreadful cravings subsided, I got excited about all the steaks, chicken, and salmon I ate. This program is all about mind control. Once it really hits you that if you slip up even once that you have to start completely over, you stick to it.

Tips? I had to control my thoughts I had to keep thinking that "this is only 30 days, and its not a diet with no end in sight".  Make sure you have support. Brandon was super supportive as were my friends and mom and sister. I also found it helpful to be apart of a whole30 facebook group and to follow whole30 on instagram. I also think that you should definitely try to stay away from making your "naughty" food favs whole30 compliants. Example: whole30 compliant pancakes. While they are compliant, they are NOT approved.  Drink tons of water. This helped me considerably at first. I would think I was hungry, when in fact I was just thirsty.

What foods saved me? I really relied on my protein. I realize that my body needs way more than I was originally consuming. Get creative, buy stuff you wouldn't normally eat everyday. I ate a lot of steak (I have great suggestions on making is taste fantastic), salmon, and 100% whole beef hamburger patties. I also ate a lot of green manzanilla olives. I especially liked the jalapeno stuffed ones and am looking forward to the garlic stuffed ones. Also, almond butter was a godsend when I was having a hard time eating so much meat. As for seasonings etc, I really loved the regular olive oil (compared to my EVOO), regular mustard (wasn't a big fan before this challenge), balsamic vinegar, and garlic.

What did I learn? I learned so much. I learned how to eat till satisfied. To eat when I am hungry. That I can be healthy. I mean it. I know that's weird but I never realized how easy it was going to be for me to actually be a health conscious person. I learned that I really like green vegetables and am not a huge fan of salad. I also learned to cook vegetables that not only I enjoy but LOVE and my family loves too. Yep, even my 18 month old. I learned to cook steak and chicken to perfection-ish. Thirst is different that hunger. I learned that its possible to lose weight. I learned that I am in CONTROL of what I put into this body. I became much more energized throughout the day as a whole. My skin cleared up. I had regular bowel movements (TIM :D) . I didn't have one ounce of digestion problems the whole time. Also the coolest thing, my allergies haven't been bothering me. That's a HUGE thing. I get allergy shots twice a week- that's how bad they usually are. I also believe that my running performance/speed has improved because of my diet.

What did I miss most while doing this challenge? I missed, chocolate, ice cream, cake, and ketchup.

Now, all this being said, I still have a plan to make. What is my "after care" starting tomorrow? I plan on trying the old foods and seeing what exactly bothers me. I have a feeling its dairy. I think I will stick to generally eating whole30 but probably more on a paleo side. I definitely see that our world puts way too much sugar and that its in everything. I want to cut that down considerably in my families diet and keep it how it is now in mine. I think I will allow myself one cheat meal a week if I feel I need it (for occasions like parties and date night). I want to keep the crap food away from me just because I am depressed, sad, stressed, or tired. I want to keep my sugar intake at a reasonably low rate. Brandon is all for us eating whole30 at home still. This is such a blessing for me.

Results: I didnt make measurements but I really wish I had. I can say that I have lost 11 lbs while just on this whole30 challenge. I have shrunk to the point where I have to wear a belt with my jeans. My shirts are also not even a little bit tight in my tummy area! All of these things are a huge YAY for me. I dont think people really notice that I've lost weight but I know that I have and Brandon notices. Those things are what matters to me. I think I will feel much more confident in a bathing suit this summer.

Now for pictures of the face of a champion. Yes that's me. Sorry I am having hormonal breakouts and I look like a mess. It was a running day and I didn't feel like sprucing up the old face.

If you have any questions about this "whole30" shenanigans just leave a comment. I will try to answer the best I can. I want to help anyone who wants to give this a try.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Today has been so exhausting for me. Makayla woke me up bright and early around 4:30 and didnt really give me a chance to fall asleep before hounding me for one thing or another. I did Zumba this morning and a friend came for the first time so I tried my hardest to do the routines the best I could. Then I went to the park with my kids which for some reason emotionally exhausts me as well as physically. My three year old stinker took the most pathetic of naps which causes me to have a headache and tires my brains. When Brandon got home I made sure that he "made" me run. So we ran. Then we went to Kiwi Loco for Makayla's sticker chart fulfillment.

It's hard to have a tiring day and then end it going to a fro yo place that allows you to sample many flavors and load it up with chocolate and, my favorite, yogurt covered poprocks. Then to end it all Brandon decided to get 2 of those beef crunch frito burrito (rhymes LOL) thingy's. They are actually one thing I enjoy at Taco Bell (so disgusting, I know). It was sort of pure torture. When ever I am PMS-ing I have serious snacky problems and today was difficult. I did get through it though with 2 ibuprofen and a long hot bath, followed by a ton of raisins. So I guess I made it through. I just want to say that if you are having a hard time getting through your goals "just keep swimming".

p.s. sorry about the PMS stuff. But I ain't ashamed.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Anniversary Smorgasborg

Friday was my 6th Anniversary with Brandon and to treat myself, Brandon bought oreos, I bought R.W. Knudsen Family Ginger Ale Spritzer. It was awesome. Lightly sweetened with natural fruit sugars (juice) and gluten free. The ingredients to this particular flavor were: Sparkling filtered water, brewed ginger root (water, ginger root puree), white grape and apple juice, ginger extract. I really liked this and am looking forward to trying all their flavors.  It's nice to find a ginger ale drink that has actual ginger in it. When I drank it, it seriously warmed my tummy. I'd give it a go if I ever feel nauseous. I also splurged and bought myself some dry roasted pistachios and lightly salted pumpkin seeds. It was out of the norm, but it was my anniversary, and since we couldn't go out for dinner, so we decided to get a little snack and watch Star Trek. Overall, I feel I made a good snacking choice. PRAISE ME! jk jk.

Then yesterday, Brandon and I decided to have an impromptu BBQ. My friend, Mandy, made me (just for me) these wonderful whole30 compliant chocolate/almond/coconut/date balls. It was seriously the nicest thing. Also this Wednesday we went to a birthday party and my friend, Allison, made sure there was watermelon for me to enjoy. Guys, seriously, I have the nicest friends. They are so thoughtful.

Today I sat down and made myself a workout calendar. I have some things coming up this month that might keep me from working out and I wanted to make sure I stayed focus. Since I am still doing my 5k training I have to make sure I run at least 3 times a week and I want to keep going to my fitness classes (zumba, zumba toning, PIYO, yoga) during the month. Though, to be honest, I wont have time to go as often as I would like. I have noticed that my body can only handle one workout a day (unless I do yoga) so I had to make everything fit as best as I could.

Doesn't this show my great ability to color? haha, I know I probably could have done this a cooler way but here it is.
Orange are my rest days (like for sure, cannot change)

Red are my fitness classes (I wrote zumba in to make sure I go but on the others I have different options like yoga or zumba toning)

Green are my busy days so I am not sure if I can get any working out in. That last week I will just have to see what we are doing and try to fit in another 2 days of running (joy).

Blue are my running/ 5k training days.

My one blank day is just there to add a fitness class if I want.

Now that I have posted this I hope I can feel the "pressure" to keep on top of my exercise. What are you going to do this month to make sure you stay "active".

p.s. I now currently weigh my pre-pregnancy weight from before having Makayla. So excited. Only 10 lbs to go.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

If I had some style

If I had money to blow on clothes and if my tummy and buns were a little more firm I would wear the cutest stuff and have "style". I've always been in love with retro early 60's clothing. Not the hippie look but the chic Jackie Kennedy threads. I also like a lot of the vintage looks from the late 40's through the 50's. A lot of this has to do with growing up watching old Doris Day and Jane Powell musicals growing up. I always especially like the apparel in the movies "Luxury Liner" and "Two Weeks With Love" I really like the website Modcloth and would buy clothes from there if I had more money. Here are some things I absolutely adore. Note: this may come as a shock to you if you know me and actually see what I wear. These items are also nothing like my current wardrobe.

Since It's summer most of this stuff is gonna be season appropriate

What kinds of clothing are you most drawn to? What would you buy if you had the body and money? I wish I could look cute and buy that last bathing suit. I think its adorable but no one else would think that if I put it on. My arms and booty would be all squishing out trying to breath. LOL.

Now that I've left you with that image- good night!