Monday, February 2, 2015

2015. goals and stuff.

I figured that this month I could take some time to make my goals. December is just way too crazy for me to sort out my plans for the next year. I usually am just so disgusted in my ability to eat such giant quantities of sugar and butter that I just vow that I am going to lose about 50 lbs and never touch the stuff again. HA! Thats a pretty unrealistic goal in my book. Not that I am completely lacking in self control but that I think I need to dig a little deeper. That is why I have taken the ENTIRE month of January to figure out what I want to accomplish/work on this year.

If my only goals in life were to lose some weight and eat healthier then either one of two things has happened.
                 1- I am just so vain about my looks that the only thing I find important is how one appears                      to other people.


                 2- I have just accomplished so much in my life that the only aspect left for me to work on                        is my physical appearance. Wouldn't that be pretty awesome to be so well rounded and                        accomplished that the only thing holding me back from perfection was a few lbs and a                          sugar addiction?

Sadly, and fortunately, this is not the case. Hooray for not being completely vain and consumed by my looks, and hooray for lacking in accomplishment in most aspects of my life. Hooray- or something-ugh.... Weird, weird, weird.

So, after being inspired by my friend Malyn's (MUH Lyn :D ) blog post- here are my GOALS OF 2015:

(in no particular order, except for how they popped into my head)


1. Eat Paleo 90% of the time. This is really popular right now but I have done it often enough to know its the best way for me to eat. I feel so much better when I eat this way and my body is so much happier. Why 90% of the time you might ask? Well, 100% of the time is just plain ridiculous. A momma's gotta have her specialty cupcakes and Papa John's Pizza's from time to time.

2. Run a 10K this summer. I already have one picked out and started training this week. Hopefully I can get my endurance back up. My goal is to be able to keep a pace of about a 9 1/2 to 10 minute mile. This might seem really slow to most of you, but to me this is a more doable goal.

3. Get back into my "skinny jeans". I have already lost 11 lbs this year so I am sure I will reach this goal before June.

4. Get stronger. I want to be able to help my husband around the house better. He is always needing help lifting things and I am the worst sort of helper. I tell him I can help, and then about 30 seconds later I am dying to stop holding whatever he is drilling into the wall.


1. Use my academic/creative brain more. I have noticed since graduating from college that I have basically become a mush brain. It's only been 6 years people. 6 YEARS!!! How can your brain turn to mush so quickly. Probably has more to do with having 3 kids.... Kids. They turn your brain into oatmeal. I think maybe I will try to take some classes at the University in my town or do some online classes offered by various companies. I am really interested in learning some basic photoshop skills. Maybe I will learn how to do some water color painting. I always loved working with it- ya know, from that one painting I did, in that ONE art class I took and got a B in. Yeah, I am no Thomas Eakins (honestly, had to look up "famous water color artists").

2. Work on dealing with my anxiety in a more productive way. I suffer from anxiety. I am pretty sure that almost my whole immediate family does in form or another. A lot of it has to do with how I grew up. Depending on the thing making me anxious I usually turn to binge eating, or complete avoidance of any and all things. Like sitting in bed watching mindless TV pretending that the "thing" doesn't exist. Maybe this year whenever I start to feel anxious I will binge eat celery or start latin dancing all over the house?! Okay- not realistic. But I will figure something out. One good thing though, is that I have been working on this a lot over the last 10 years and have gotten to the point where very few things cause me anxiety.


1. Use the scriptures in conjunction with prayer to find answers or comfort.

2. Increase my scripture reading.

3. Increase my temple attendance from the previous year. I can always do better and this shouldn't really take all that much effort.


1. Be a better companion to my husband. Help him and serve him. Show my love more often.

2. Be a friend to my children. Learn about them and their interests and show genuine support and enthusiasm in them.

3. Be more patient.

4. Don't sweat the small things. Dirty dishes in a sink all day long or for even two days is not as big of a deal as playing with my kids and talking to them.

5. Share my wisdom (though it be small) with my children.

6. Somehow stay on top of my laundry duties. Its a totally annoying chore IMO.

I hope I remember to reference this list. That is one nice thing about having a place online to keep these sort of things. Usually I write them down in a journal or on a piece of paper that I usually lose. This should be a lot easier for me to find.

So, now that you have experienced a whole month of 2015, what sort of goals have you made? Have you changed any yet (if you made your goals on the 1st)? What sort of things do you need to do to be a better, happier, you? Let me know if you'd like. I love hearing that other people have things to work on- just like me!