Friday, January 30, 2015

Things that make me a little sad

I know that this is a stupid topic to post about but hey I am silly sometimes.

This list is only for those things that make me a little sad. As in- I get over it as soon as its out of sight. I could make a list of things that make me really sad but then who wants to be depressed, sobbing, sitting at a computer writing a blog post? Definitely not me. My tears would probably bust up my key board and then my husband would be the one who is sad.

What makes me a little sad?

Rain. Only when it drizzles lightly. Maybe it's because it gets a little dark and so my mood changes or maybe I am a little sad because its not raining more. Because I actually really love rain.

The last episode of a favorite TV show. This one should probably be embarrassing but its true. After spending years watching a show and then its done.... Makes me a little sad. It even happens when I rewatch the show and get to the end. I still feel a little sad. Maybe I need to stop watching shows that end. I guess I will have to start getting on board the Big Brother, Biggest Loser, Bachelor train. Those shows never seem to end.

When you realize you have officially ran out of holiday candy. This one is a universal sadness amongst all 4 year olds. I am among that group. I hate when you wake up one day and realize that you'd love to have.

Certain songs. I have a list of these but sharing them all and saying why would be a little too personal for me. So I'll just name two- With or Without You (U2), Hear You Me (Jimmy Eat World).

When I lose a button off my clothes. When a button falls off a clothing item you'd think "no big deal- just sew it back on". Let me be honest with you- it ain't going to happen. I never remember to sew it back on. I keep the button hoping one night a fairy will come to my house and sew them back to their rightful place. But it hasn't happened yet and my button collection is growing.

Oh, here's a more specific one: When the blog Young House Love stopped blogging. Seriously, it sucked. Probably my #1 little sad thing that happened this year. It was a bummer for sure.

Now that I am reading back this blog post I am realizing how strange I must seem. But Maybe one of these things make you a little sad too. What sort of things make you a little down?


  1. I definitely second the button thing! And totally the candy thing too.

    Kind of silly, but as fun and awesome as my kids' birthdays are, they always make me a little nostalgic, cuz it's all going by too fast!

    1. Seriously glad to hear about the button thing. I am not alone, YAY! and kids birthday's make me a lotta sad. BOO. They grow up way too fast.


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