Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Long time no bloggity blog. Whoops. It started with everyone getting really bad colds and some nasty bowel problems then it turned into having nothing to write then I got pregnant and BAM time flew by and I didn’t write a dang thing. Excuses? Of course. Legitimate? Probably not. Oh well. This is how I roll sometimes.

It’s the new year and I should probably write a blog on my new years resolutions and talk about the importance of making goals, writing them down, having an accountability partner, etc. etc. But I wont. This New Years I have a sort of different attitude. Screw writing down lofty goals for myself. Screw reflecting on my weaknesses and creating “plans” to make them better. Say No to looking at last year’s goals and judging if I changed a dang thing about myself. I want to just stop and think about nothing. Pull on my fleece leggings and a baggy sweatshirt and jump into bed and watch Cake Boss on my computer. Isn’t that the life? Ok- its only mildly pathetic right? I’m tired. I’m gassy. My ankles are slowly turning into cankles and mostly I’m just pregnant. Crabby, irritable, emotional, and a whirlwind of other things and that’s where I am right now. Its not that I hate pregnancy. Usually I don’t find it that hard and can get through it with little complaints (other than I’m fat, and my feet kill me). This time around its been much more difficult and I want it to end. Oh well, I chose to get pregnant and I have to suck it up.

I didn’t want this blog to be about me and my bloaty-elastic waisted-self. I guess I just want to say that if you ever feel like your day just sucks or you don’t feel like yourself or heck like you don’t want to accomplish anything- I’ve been there and you are not alone. We just have to keep a check on those days and make sure they don’t turn into weeks, months, or worse, years. So just know that if you haven’t ever felt this way you are probably the FREAK! Can I get an amen? Ok if you haven’t though don’t talk to me or you might get a mental smack in the face :D.

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