Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Challenge Fail- for me

So I posted a while ago about a challenge that I was starting. I found a blog on pinterest (cant find it- great!) where this girl talked about a challenge she did on NOT washing her hair. It intrigued me. She claimed it made her hair so much better and shinier. I am all about that. I used to be pretty vain about my hair. But I was really closeted about it. Never told anyone. Having children has drastically changed my hair. It used to be fairly thick and shiny, bouncy, and soft. It would hold curl for days if I wanted it to. I only had to wash my hair every 4 days. I only know this for a fact thanks to camping and being sick. It was wonderful. Then after I got married something happened to my body. I gained a lot of weight, my skin broke out a lot more, and my hair started thinning. Don't get me wrong I was no where near bald. I don't like my hair anymore. It's limp and gets oily faster and is slightly dull. Not to mention how much thinner it is (hah- just mentioned it :D).

Back on track.  So according to this blog (and other sources I read) you only wash your hair every so many days (not very often) with a baking soda water solution and "condition" your hair with an apple cider vinegar water solution. To start this process you have to let your hair get oily. I was sick with a cold so it was the perfect time. I let it go about 5 days without washing and let it get good and oily. It was sort of like I dipped my head in a vat of melted butter. However, it didnt smell anywhere near as yummy. That first wash was amazing. I appiled that "shampoo" and my hair was really slippery getting all the gunky build-up off. and when dried looked really shiny and soft to the touch.

So doing this type of hair care you aren't supposed to ever use shampoo and conditioner. I tested this hair method out and it worked fine the first two or three times but over the course of a month it stopped working. My hair was being super oily and wouldn't get clean. I tried changing up the ratios of the solutions and NOTHING. It was really frustrating to me. I was really hoping that I could get away from using so many extra and unnecessary and possibly harmful things on my hair. But NO. Didn't work for me. One thing though- I will probably use this solution on my hair once a month or so just to de-gunk my hair. I should say though that I do not use product in my hair. I also don't use heat on my hair. I think I only blow dry my hair about 4 times a year. I have read a lot about it being great for people with curly hair, making it less dry. So if you have curly hair I would say give it a try.

Here are some before pictures. Look at that greasy rats nest!


 Here are the after pics. So much shinier and cleaner. Thank goodness.  Too bad this wasn't something I could stick to.


  1. You crack me up. I love the fist bump picture with greasy hair.
    I have had the same problem with my hair since having babies, so I might have to try something like this!

    1. Try it. I was hoping for a long term fix but a short term degunker works for me too I guess. Let me know what you find out.

  2. My hair hasn't been the same since kids either. I used to have awesome curly hair, now it's just blah. Those dang hormones . . .

  3. That's called a "no poo," and I did that for like six months until the summer months I got nervous that it wouldn't wash the chlorine out. It's worked really well for me (but I do have the curly hair), it's made it SUPER curly.


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