Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chubster ran a 5k.... Sort of.

So after 8 weeks of training for my 5k I was ready. It was my last night of training and I decided to go with some friends. The weather was pretty nice considering it was July. I started off strong and wasn't getting too tired. I thought everything was going great "I'm so ready to kick this 5K's trash". Well, not so much. Somehow about 16 minutes into running I started getting a really bad pain in my right knee. It was bearable as far as I could probably keep running but do I really want to seriously injure myself? I know so many people who have fought through the pain to find out they pushed just a little too hard and now they have to have surgery. I certainly didn't want to be an idiot. So I stopped running. I was hoping that by the time Saturday came around I would be healed enough to run my whole 5K. NO SUCH LUCK. This was pretty hard for me to handle. I know that a 5K really isn't a big deal, but to me it really is. I mean- I trained for it. Does anyone actually train for a 5K? I am guessing not. I did run probably half of it in the end but I definitely had to take walking breaks. Aside from my inability to run I had a lot of fun. I encourage you to run a 5K or better yet a color run (which is what I did).  It was fun to turn run through a tornado of color and come out looking like you belong in OZ or something. I loved getting all "pretty". I even got a tshirt and a bracelet from it (GO ME), and my shoes now look like they have been splatter painted (which is awesome). I took a week off of running and any other physical activities to avoid hurting me knee anymore. I did go to Zumba yesterday and so far my knee did pretty good. That sure got me excited. It's been so hard for me to keep myself from running. I have started enjoying running the last 2 weeks of my training and want to keep it up. I especially need to keep it up for the Dirty Dash I am participating in on August 10th. But I need to take it slow and not over aggravate my knee. Here are some pictures to show just how "colorful" I can be :D

 Awkward length pony tail ablaze- running like a girl through a cotton candy fog.

More awkward running shots. Lovin' that weird bump on my head (aka my pony tail).

Finished! Glad I didnt make my knee any worse but sad to not have ran the whole thing.

My friend and I. I have great muscles LOL.
 Makayla took a picture. "From the perspective of a 3 year old".

At home resting my sore knee and tired feet. I was so sweaty. Thanks to the colored chalk/cornstarch stuff you can literally see where the sweat was dripping down my face.

 One funny thing- I cant wear contacts anymore so I HAD to wear my glasses and they are permanently stained purple around my nose.


  1. Totally understand about the knee thing. Did it to myself during the half marathon this year. It's so disappointing to not be able to run something you spent months training for. :-( I'm sorry it's something you have to deal with too. I don't wish it on anyone. Good luck.

    1. I feel worse for you because youre a real athlete. But yeah it really stinks.


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