Friday, July 12, 2013

Remind you someone?

So I haven't been posting lately thanks in part to going to Utah twice and Brandon being out of town and me going nutso. I have to say that being a single parent has got to be so incredibly tough. I am having a hard time with it and its only been 1 week. I am so grateful that I have a husband who shares responsibility with me in raising our children.

On a slightly different note though related. Do your children ever drive you crazy? Do you ever wonder why they act a certain way? I have the answer for you. The reason your kids act a certain way is probably because of YOU. Take a look in the mirror- if your kid is doing something annoying its probably something that you do and they have caught on to it. Seriously, whenever Makayla does something that drives me BONKERS its 98% of the time something that I do in a slightly more grown up way. Even some of the noises she makes when she is mad at what I say or do are exactly the same ones I make when I am upset with her. I just never realized it. Your children will show you your worst and best qualities. They are a mirror of us. Now, I am not trying to mean that our children are exact replicas. Every child is born with a personality. I believe that 100%. I just think that our children will do the things we do.

I have been thinking a lot lately that past year on how to make my girls be the best women then can be. I want them to be smart, confident, funny, kind, beautiful, compassionate, and to love freely. But if you want your children to be that way then YOU have to be that way. This is a big part of my exercising/health kick thing I have been on this year. I want my girls to see how happy I am being active and how being healthy makes you happy. That exercising is normal and is fun and that it makes you feel good. If I feel good then my children will feel good. I totally believe that. I want to be beautiful inside and out so that my girls can strive to be like me. I want my girls to be brave and try new things and to be able to see someone that is in need and know how to help them. I am trying to be that person. I know I am FAR beyond it. And some days I feel that that women is in a galaxy far far away with Jedi's and Wookies. But I am really trying. I am trying to be better. I am trying to be more loving and kind. I am trying to be happy.

A child is only as happy as his/her parents are and I know that to be true. If your kids are acting out or being cruel examine your own life. What do you need to change in your relationship? not even necessarily your relationship with your child- but with your extended family or even your spouse. Fix it and so many problems will go away. I have seen these things to be true in my own personal life and in my work and with those that I am friends with.

I am not saying I am perfect. I am not saying I am even a good mom or wife. I am trying though. I have to keep trying every day. This is one of my greatest struggles and I can honestly say that some days I don't try and I don't care. I have to get away from that attitude/mentality. I hope you guys know what I am saying and maybe even a few of you feel the same way. I hope I haven't offended anyone, but if I have, its your problem and you need to lose some pride.


See your children are a reflection of you- look at this picture. LOL. I never realized how much Makayla and I look alike until I came across this picture today.
Me at the top, the bottom two are of Makayla.

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