Thursday, July 25, 2013

signing in public

I wish I could sing. It's a talent I have always envied in others. I can sing in the sense, that yes, they will put me in a choir and I can read music but my career as a famous soprano ends there. My range is horrible and since I haven't been in choir since high school my ability to sing has been slipping away. It's true that you have to practice and use your voice to keep it. I do enjoy singing though. I promise if you were a fly on my wall (gross) or had a hidden camera (creeper) you would see that I sing a lot. I sing everything. From show-tunes (currently singing the epilogue to Les Mis. (all parts)) to Elvis. I love it. So if I could have every dream come true I would have a magnificent voice. I would sound somewhere between Julie Andrews/Sarah Brightman/ Judy Garland/and Adele. Is that such a tall order? Makes sense right? Could totally happen. Why would I pick these women of all women to sound like? Well, first off they are the ones I could think of that weren't too trendy sounding. I mean the sound of voices and whats cool changes and I would want to sound timeless and classic.  I love Julie Andrews voice. It's so perty. It's like listening to yours mothers lullaby (if your mom is Julie Andrews, that is) and being rocked into relaxation. Then there is Sarah. I think I picked her because she can sing crazy high and loud and shocks everyone who listens. It would be cool to do that. Like you're all singing and people will stop and look and are like "WOW"- for a good reason though. If it were for a bad reason- I've already got that down. Then theres dear ol' Judy. I love her voice. It's dreamy and makes me feel are warm and stuff. I love how her voice tells a story. Does that make sense? I think I am starting to sound strange. Lastly Adele. Adele's voice is so deep and throaty. Sounding like her automatically makes you sound like the hottest thing ever. You could draw in anyone with a voice like hers and perhaps people would even join in.
Anyways I've rambled on and on about nothing interesting I'm sure. I've also allowed you into my crazy weird mind. So there it is. Do you ever think about things like this? If you do please tell me. As I am writing this I am starting to think I might be crazy.


  1. I was intrigued about what you had to say about "signing in public," but I see now that it was a funny post about singing. :-)

    1. yeah. I have only done that once and it was for a sociology class.


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