Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lets be naughty....The Meal of DOOM

I am sure MANY of you (when I say many I mean like 2) have been wondering what the first naughty thing I ate when my whole30 challenge was done. Well, let me tell you I didnt eat anything bad for breakfast. I ate whole30 compliant because I didnt want to run to the bathroom during zumba in case things didnt agree with my stomach. Then lunch came around and I was in Idaho Falls and didnt pack anything. I got pretty hungry but honestly NOTHING sounded good at all. I was hoping something would but nothing came. So I decided to stop at one of my favorite chicken places (not a chicken lover, its that good :D ) Chick-Fil-A. I ordered their basic sandwich:
 bun, chicken, pickle. Then I topped it off with some ketchup.

I took the sandwich out and just stared at it. Did I want it to be good? did I want it to make me sick right then and there? So hard to decide. On one hand if it made me sick then I would be repulsed by bad food and eat good but be sad that i couldnt eat scrumptious stuff. But if I ate it and it was amazing then I would enjoy it (then maybe go back to my old ways). I took a bite. HEAVENLY chicken filled my mouth. The sweet and sour kick of ketchup was amazing. It was good- bad food was still yummy.
Nothing had changed. 5 minutes later- no more sandwich- stomach ache. I felt so queasy. I barely made it home from Idaho Falls. I could barely stay awake. I went home and took a 2 hour nap. The ketchup also made the roof of my mouth swell slightly. So weird. Conclusion: Although greasy naughty food taste sublime it will make your tummy hurt and your body lethargic.

Speaking of naughty food here's what I have noticed. This is gonna get personal and give a lot of info that you may not be wanting to know. If that's the case then leave this blog. Here we go. Dairy has lost a lot of the yumminess it used to have which just flat out flabbergast (best word EVER) me. Speaking of 'gast' lets talk about gas. Yep that plus tummy aches-'nuff said. I have also seen that the more wheat/grain I eat my severe seasonal allergies come back and I get constipated. Right now I am paying for my food sins. I need to get back on track. It wont be that hard this time around. I am also thinking of doing another whole30 after my 5k on the 6th. Then I will probably be able to train faster and longer for my Dirty Dash which is coming up on August 10th.

I have also started a new challenge for myself. I will write a post about it in a few days. I am currently on my 8th day of it. Interested? Just wait.

p.s. I took these pics on my phone and I have a ghetto phone.


  1. Have you done research on how whole30 works with training for athletics? Your body needs carbs for energy, so I'm wondering how that works.

  2. Yeah I think you can get plenty of carns from different veggies like sweet potatoes and I think eating enough fats helps too. Usually people who eat this way eat huge meals. I know a lot of crossfit people do whole30.

  3. I have been reading the book, and it's extremely eye opening. Humans do not NEED grain or dairy at all to survive, it's actually not good for us at all. We can get all of the nutrients, carbs, fiber, everything we need from fruits veggies and meat.


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