Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Aint nobody got time for dat" or How I Waste My Time

So I think that wasting your time is a lost art form. Right? Okay, probably not. If it was though I would be considered quite a lucky person to have mastered the art so beautifully. The best way to do it is to find an electronic device and FAST. I always turn to my trusty tablet, PC, or cell phone. On my tablet I play a little Sugar Crush until I go crazy because I cant pass this darn level (35 right now ugh), watch my subscribed youtube channel updates, insta-stock people, and of course feed my lovely creatures on tiny castle (stupid, pointless game I cant get rid of). If I choose my PC for the moment then I usually follow my 3 favorite blogs, blog myself, or facebook stalk (I'm quite the creepster, I know), and of course listen to my many (20) Pandora radio stations. If my cell phone is sitting snugly in my pocket then I just stand up and pull it out (difficult to get out if I'm sitting, if you wear pants that don't fit then you know what I mean) and text my sister dumb/important things like pictures, and the office quotes. Yeah, we are cool and we know it. Oh, but lets not forget about my T.V. ROKU baby! Its great for during naps and after baby bedtime time wastin'. I am quite partial to the Netflix and Hulu Plus channels. Also, there's a new PBS channel that I must download. Also there is the most common time waster I implement and that is booty shakin' it to my music, also known as practicing my Zumba. How do you waste your time?
p.s. Who practices Zumba? Ha!

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