Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obviously A Workout Genius

As the title states.. DUH?! okay, I know I'm not but I thought I would show some of the things I use and like for my zumba and 5k training. Yes, I said 5k training, not half marathon or full marathon. Right now I would be so happy to run a mile without throwing up. So obviously I am NOT a workout genius. I got these things at Scheels in Utah and for a decent price since they were on sale.
First off, if you have short hair, tons a fly-aways, or both I recommend a head band. I bought this Under Armour one for like $12. I know that sounds expensive but it is super tight and has rubber grippy strips in it which is great because I have a small head. It stays on for at least 2 hours before I have to readjust it. Also, its bright, which I like and I think its sorta perty. If I were in high school I would wear it to prom.  I also wash it with baby shampoo every week because it gets nasty. It's also a great sweat collector, keeping it out of my eyes.

(obviously, I wear it like this)

My next item is my water bottle. It is a Nathan Human Propulsion Laboratories brand. Its sturdy and is dishwasher safe. It came with 3 straws (somehow I lose those things) which is nice. It holds about 24 oz plus a little more.
(This is how to not drink it. It does have a straw!)
I also love cottony shirts. I want them to absorb my sweat, not "wick" it, or whatever that means. I don't care if people see how sweaty I get, I am working out.  My favorites are these two. The green one I got from Scheels on the cheap and I love the color and the length and the softness. I may or may not wear this everyday. The second is a cottony stretchy one I got from Walmart for $6. Its just a tad short for when I do the arms over my head thing and that part isn't my favorite since I have tummy issues. But it was $6 and Is comfy. 

(best pose ever)

Lastly, I love my shoes that I bought specifically for Zumba. They are the Nike Musique . I was using my running shoes but it was causing a lot of pain to my knees and ankles. I really needed the ability to pivot and slide a bit on the floor. These do the job amazingly.

So here it is. My full workout loves. I am cheap, I am not "fit" but these are some of the things I recommend/have/love. Hope you enjoy the slightly blurry and awkward shots I showed today. Love ya guys.


  1. I'm going to have to check out that head band because u don't know how to wear short hair when I work out. Thanks for sharing your favorite things!

  2. You look great Danielle. Keep it up... Love mom

  3. I am loving reading this Danielle! You're so witty in your writing and you make me want to start to get fit and eat healthy!

    1. thanks alexa. I really appreciate that.

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