Friday, May 10, 2013

Windows down, a song, a crappy car, and a little bit of sweat

What are you thinking about? Hopefully you're not thinking of some steamy night with a special someone. If you are I don't wanna know about it. Lets keeps those thinkers clean shall we?
I guess today made me feel about seventeen again. I was driving home from Zumba and it was a beautiful warm day outside. I rolled my window down and cranked up the radio. Yes, I said radio. Our car is a "piece" if you know what I mean. You actually have to R-O-L-L the window down. A Darius Rucker song came on. As I was driving down that country road back to my home I was sent straight back to high school, in Wyoming. On saturdays I would run errands for my step dad, go to work, or go visit a friend. On those trips I would be a little sweaty from the sun in the hot '93 Honda Civic hatchback that I drove. I would crank my radio up and listen to country music. I was usually happy because I was getting away from home for a little bit. I didn't really listen to country music when I was in high school because most people "hated" it and would make fun of it but I really loved it (might be something you didn't know about me). I felt free driving down that highway and shifting my little hunk o'junk into 4th gear.  Now this Darius Rucker (momma rock me) song wasnt around when I was in high school but just the atmosphere brought me back. I was signing at the top of my lungs, and boy I felt alive (insert flashback from dirty dancing (not a steamy scene :D)). Its funny how certain things bring you back. Lets just say if I were in my mini van at the time, sweaty, and listening to Christina Aguilera (Lady Marmalade) or Smashmouth (allstar), I would probably get thrown back into 8th grade driving to Ted Lewis pool on a hot summery day. Oh, to be young, carefree, and a little sweaty- listening to loud music. Don't you love that feeling? or is only me? Let me know. I would love to hear about that.

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  1. Can you remember the trips we took and you kids had to guess the names of movies by short phrases that were quoted. You were too young to remember moving from Iowa (July) to Las vegas in a vehicle with no air and you would still want your blanket and "dee dees" and would sleep most of the drive and then be awake in the night at a rinky dink hotel. Those were the days.


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