Saturday, May 18, 2013

Men and their skinny jeans

First off I want to say that I sort of like wearing skinny jeans now that I've lost a little of my scrumptious muffin top. Only though if they are higher quality. I do own mostly cheap ones and they don't look the best and I have to say I would rather wear a good straight leg if I could ever find any.

So, anyways, I hate seeing guys wear skinny jeans. Seriously, I hate it. If they fit then I think "Man that guys has a femmy body" or "Bird legs, anyone?". Then on the other hand if they don't fit then I keep thinking "You're a man, dress like one!". I know some of you will disagree, and thats okay. Everyone has their own opinion. I am just glad that Brandon doesn't even attempt to try to wear them. He's a man and wants to look that way.

What sparked this weird post? I found this video on facebook and it totally cracked me up and I wanted to share. WARNING: yelling will occur.

P.S. I heard someone once say "I think the hispster kids are just the emo kids grown up" -so funny. Not really sure I think thats true but funny none the less.

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