Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today has been a horrible, rotten, no good very bad day. I know I sound a little dramatic and I am being dramatic but today was/is not good. I need a break. I spent a lot of time doing endless piles of laundry. lug, sort, wash, dry, lug, fold, put away- over and over again. I know it sounds fun but believe me, it isn't. I cleaned my house just to have it completely trashed within minutes. MINUTES PEOPLE! My kids would not take naps. this means they wont stop crying and eating and fighting and crying... It's driving me crazy. I am also super hungry. I didn't buy groceries for this week and only have a few pieces of fruit and sweet potato hash to eat. Its boring and I need sustenance. I filmed a "whats in my bag" video to put up here because I think they are fun to watch. I mumble too much and look like a cow and the lighting sucks-. Hence, I didn't post it. So here is a list of things I wish I could do today instead of the day I've been "doing".
watching t.v.
watching a movie
eating a cupcake or maybe an entire cake
getting a pedicure
getting a massage
plucking my eyebrows
organizing my craft room
  -possibly doing all these things at once-

So here I am pouting/moping/being a cranky pants. Hope your day has gone better than mine. I just feel crabby. I hate days like these. Luckily, there are few and far between.

p.s. the weather today has been cold, windy, and rainy. Maybe that has a bit to do with my crankiness.


  1. I'm sorry you are having a bad day. I hate those days. I hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Just don't cave into the feeling. It will get better. Mom

  3. No naps? That is a recipe for disaster. You are allowed a bad day.

  4. Glad you could at least come watch us eat cake. :-P

    We should go get a pedicure. I still have a gift card from my birthday last year...

  5. Danielle! I love this! You are hilarious and reading your blog makes me feel normal!


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