Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Anniversary Smorgasborg

Friday was my 6th Anniversary with Brandon and to treat myself, Brandon bought oreos, I bought R.W. Knudsen Family Ginger Ale Spritzer. It was awesome. Lightly sweetened with natural fruit sugars (juice) and gluten free. The ingredients to this particular flavor were: Sparkling filtered water, brewed ginger root (water, ginger root puree), white grape and apple juice, ginger extract. I really liked this and am looking forward to trying all their flavors.  It's nice to find a ginger ale drink that has actual ginger in it. When I drank it, it seriously warmed my tummy. I'd give it a go if I ever feel nauseous. I also splurged and bought myself some dry roasted pistachios and lightly salted pumpkin seeds. It was out of the norm, but it was my anniversary, and since we couldn't go out for dinner, so we decided to get a little snack and watch Star Trek. Overall, I feel I made a good snacking choice. PRAISE ME! jk jk.

Then yesterday, Brandon and I decided to have an impromptu BBQ. My friend, Mandy, made me (just for me) these wonderful whole30 compliant chocolate/almond/coconut/date balls. It was seriously the nicest thing. Also this Wednesday we went to a birthday party and my friend, Allison, made sure there was watermelon for me to enjoy. Guys, seriously, I have the nicest friends. They are so thoughtful.

Today I sat down and made myself a workout calendar. I have some things coming up this month that might keep me from working out and I wanted to make sure I stayed focus. Since I am still doing my 5k training I have to make sure I run at least 3 times a week and I want to keep going to my fitness classes (zumba, zumba toning, PIYO, yoga) during the month. Though, to be honest, I wont have time to go as often as I would like. I have noticed that my body can only handle one workout a day (unless I do yoga) so I had to make everything fit as best as I could.

Doesn't this show my great ability to color? haha, I know I probably could have done this a cooler way but here it is.
Orange are my rest days (like for sure, cannot change)

Red are my fitness classes (I wrote zumba in to make sure I go but on the others I have different options like yoga or zumba toning)

Green are my busy days so I am not sure if I can get any working out in. That last week I will just have to see what we are doing and try to fit in another 2 days of running (joy).

Blue are my running/ 5k training days.

My one blank day is just there to add a fitness class if I want.

Now that I have posted this I hope I can feel the "pressure" to keep on top of my exercise. What are you going to do this month to make sure you stay "active".

p.s. I now currently weigh my pre-pregnancy weight from before having Makayla. So excited. Only 10 lbs to go.


  1. You can do it sweetie... Love mom

  2. What is blue? Running?

    I'm thinking I might have to come to a fitness class, just so I can make a fool out of myself. :-)

    1. This is Allison. I guess I'm logged in as Warren.

    2. saw it. fixed it. nice name... lol. You should come. Zumba is fun.


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