Monday, June 10, 2013

summer beauties

I am by no means a beauty expert. I know very little about products and only buy drug store stuff. I also am no pro at application either. However, I do have some summer beauty favorites and thought I could share them with you. Maybe they will help you step out of your "beauty blahs".

First off- I hate HATE wearing any kind of foundation in the summer. It makes me feel so gross. I have quite dry skin, even in the summer, so if I don't moisturize it enough  then I get duper dry patches with way oily patches. I always wear a nice moisturizer as my base. So far my favorite is Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. I really like that this is gentle. Most facial lotion causes my skin to burn. 

I like to add bronzer to my face. I only apply it to the areas that I would normally get tan; my forehead, cheeks, nose. Then I buff it out so I dont have streaks. I really like NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in the color sunny. Its the perfect sun kissed tan color. Its not a contouring color- unless you are super duper fair. I just like to add it to give my skin a nice warmth. I try to avoid getting an actual tan on my face- wrinkles ya know?!

I like to add a little bit of a high lighter to my cheek bones and to the center of my eyelids for a nice glowy pop. I have this super old "shimmering blush" by jane. which I am sure isn't even a brand sold anymore. Its frosty but i use a light hand when I apply it.

I found this super pretty lipstick just about a month ago. Its a Maybelline color whisper in the color Coral Ambition. I really love this color. It looks good with my skin and makes me look tanner. I don't love the formula though. I find it quite drying and it sort of bleeds a little outside my lip. I will probably try to get it in a different brand. I just love the color though.

My favorite mascara is L'oreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black. I love the color. Its a sort of dry formula which I prefer. Whenever I use a wetter mascara my eyelashes clump together. I also love that its a standard bristle brush. I don't like those rubber ones. However, mascara is a personal thing. I have dark curly lashes and all I really want is some added length.

The final little touch is nails. I love any kind of corally polish. It makes you look tanner. I love that about my snappy sorbet polish by Sally Hansen. I also have the Sallty Hansen Vitamin E and Cuticle Oil. It really good if you make sure to apply it every day or so. I tend to forget. Thats something I need to work on.

So here are some of my summer beauty faves. I dont really get to buy much makeup and of course I only buy cheap stuff. What are your favorites for the summer? I would really like to know. Maybe I will try some of them.

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