Monday, June 3, 2013


Today has been so exhausting for me. Makayla woke me up bright and early around 4:30 and didnt really give me a chance to fall asleep before hounding me for one thing or another. I did Zumba this morning and a friend came for the first time so I tried my hardest to do the routines the best I could. Then I went to the park with my kids which for some reason emotionally exhausts me as well as physically. My three year old stinker took the most pathetic of naps which causes me to have a headache and tires my brains. When Brandon got home I made sure that he "made" me run. So we ran. Then we went to Kiwi Loco for Makayla's sticker chart fulfillment.

It's hard to have a tiring day and then end it going to a fro yo place that allows you to sample many flavors and load it up with chocolate and, my favorite, yogurt covered poprocks. Then to end it all Brandon decided to get 2 of those beef crunch frito burrito (rhymes LOL) thingy's. They are actually one thing I enjoy at Taco Bell (so disgusting, I know). It was sort of pure torture. When ever I am PMS-ing I have serious snacky problems and today was difficult. I did get through it though with 2 ibuprofen and a long hot bath, followed by a ton of raisins. So I guess I made it through. I just want to say that if you are having a hard time getting through your goals "just keep swimming".

p.s. sorry about the PMS stuff. But I ain't ashamed.

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