Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I wish...

Disclaimer: Just because I have an "I Wish" list doesn't mean I am not grateful for what I have. I am fully aware of how lucky and blessed I am.


1. I was a good dancer. Yeah I might be able to shake my large booty but that's not what I mean.
2. Along with the general term "dancing" I wish I knew how to hula dance. I think its so beautiful.
3.  I knew how to surf. Looks like so much fun.
4. I could write music. I mean more than lyrics but the actual music.
5. I could do a back handspring. I've had this wish since 5th grade. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to do this at the age of 25?
6. I knew how to use Brandon's tools. I am sure I could figure it out and that he could teach me- but I love my fingers and don't want to lose them.
7. I had buff arms.
8. I had feet of the same size. One foot is significantly larger than the other. This makes shoe shopping annoying.
9. I could decorate cakes. Like cake boss or even cooler.
10. I could put eyeliner on. 

I got to thinking about hula dancing from Zumba class this week. We have been doing these "island" cool down dances. I suck so bad at them. I wish I could sway my hips and move my arms in a more graceful fluid like motion. What do you wish you could do?


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