Saturday, June 15, 2013

from cute to awkward to me

Me through pictures.

From Baby

To toddler

From toddler 
to kiddo

From kiddo
to super horribly awkward

From super horribly awkward
to a little less awkward

 (this one is just to show that I was actually skinny at some point- because I thought this was my fat pose)
From a little less awkward
to now (more awkward less awkward? who really knows?! Probably just weirder)

It's funny to see yourself in a picture progression. So many memories come flooding back and you think about what has shaped you as a person. I know some of you will get a kick out of these pics but for the rest of you, think about what  you've gone through- what has made you? Share it. Yes- even those horrible weird awkward pictures from middle school (YUCK). If it wasn't for middle school I would have been super shy still. This was just a good reminder.


  1. You look like makayla! Actually, I guess makayla looks like you. :-)

    1. yeah its weird. she has brandons eyes and forehead but still she looks like me.


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